Moroccodunes and paragliding school inferno

Join Morocco Dunes and Paragliding School Inferno for thrilling paragliding tours in Morocco. Learn more about our collaboration and see breathtaking tour pictures.

Since 2007, Morocco Dunes has partnered with Paragliding School Inferno to organize paragliding tours in Morocco. Paragliding School Inferno, a Dutch center based in France, is managed by Roland ter Harkel. This collaboration offers adventure seekers a unique way to explore the stunning landscapes of Morocco from the sky.

About Paragliding School Inferno

Paragliding School Inferno is renowned for its expertise and high standards in paragliding instruction and tours. Based in France, the school attracts paragliding enthusiasts from around the world. Managed by Roland ter Harkel, the center provides top-notch training and unforgettable paragliding experiences.

Paragliding Tours in Morocco

Organized Adventures:The partnership between Morocco Dunes and Paragliding School Inferno brings together the best of both worlds: expert paragliding instruction and deep local knowledge of Morocco's diverse landscapes. These tours are designed to offer both thrill and cultural immersion, providing participants with an exhilarating way to experience Morocco's beauty.

Unique Experience:Participants in these tours get the chance to soar over Morocco's breathtaking scenery, including deserts, mountains, and coastal regions. The tours cater to various skill levels, from beginners to advanced paragliders, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

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For more information about Paragliding School Inferno and to see pictures of their Morocco tours, please visit their website.

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Join us for an unforgettable paragliding adventure in Morocco. Whether you're an experienced paraglider or new to the sport, our tours offer a unique perspective on Morocco's stunning landscapes.

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